Monday, 11 October 2010

Capcom says "No" to SSFIV Arcade Edition DLC

As a few of you out there may know (By visiting any site such as, get the picture), the SSFIV Arcade Edition has been under consideration to be released as DLC for quite some time now.
Ono revealed on this Twitter that he had approached his superior (Keiji Inafune) with the idea and he agreed to his proposal, however, the guys over at Capcom did not.
He also mentions that despite it not being approved he is going to keep trying.

My thoughts on the DLC are quite mixed.  While I like the idea of Yun and Yang, honestly, I do. However, I do not like some of the Arcade Edition changes.
My main gripe here, is Cammy. While I don't play her, it's obvious to some, if not most people, that a vast majority of her game (Metering, throw setups and just generally keeping your opponent pinned) revolved around being able to do 'Instant Cannon Strike', otherwise known as TK-Cannon Strike.
Capcom decided that to rebalance they game, they would take this out, except for on her EX version.
What does this spell out for Cammy? Not good. Sure they gave her normals better priority. But better normals, I don't think, makes up for the 80% of her game that she just lost.

I can't seem to wrap my head around why they're hitting so many mid-tiers with the nerf-bat (See Cammy's TKCS, Seth's j.HP no longer stretching.), while the higher tiers such as Honda, are having things made easier for them; with so far, no nerfs and a buff to his Ultra II.

The only balance I can see with this is that they're buffing the lower tiers, such as Hakan and Makoto. Things can only get better for them in the current state of the game, so any buffs are a blessing.

Now characters. I've been hearing a lot of talk about people wanting Alex, R.Mika, Rolento, Karin, even Poison has had a lot of votes. I, however, was not surprised that they chose Yun and Yang, considering their cameo appearances in Chun Li's opening in Street Fighter IV.
How this will change the game, I can't really say. Without the parry system in place, they may have a bit of work cut out for them, however, Yun's Genei Jin is still in place and from what I have heard, he is still able to do a good 80% damage when it's activated.
Though considering the success of Juri's Feng Shui Engine, I don't think it will be as useful as it used to be. Hopefully he'll be a little more balanced than Third Strike.
Yang, to be honest, looks the same as he did in Third Strike (you can kind of say the same about Yun too), but considering the differences in engines of SSFIV and Third Strike, again, it might change how they're played entirely.

There is hope yet for this content finally becoming DLC. You can never really know for sure with Capcom's decisions as they said that an Arcade Edition for this game would never see the light of day, and lo and behold. Here we are.


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