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Blazblue Continuum Shift II Loketest 2 - Oct 8th 2010.

Over at a list of changes and things people have noticed through the current loketest of BBCS2 has been put up.
Credits go to Spirit Juice, Renove and Cirno for the compilation and their time to show all of us who haven't had the chance to go to a loketest what exactly has changed.

A list of changes can be found either by reading this thread here, or by reading the list of changes below:

+ 5B > 6A gattling added back
+ C, 2C > 6A gattling added
+ ground gauntlet hades can be followed up
+ during blood kain 6D > 6D combos
- 6A range reduced
- 2C slower
- 2D doesn't remove primer

No other obvious changes
+ 5D start up faster but shorter freeze time, can combo from 5C

+ C haida bounces higher, can perform combos from further away
+ optic barrel start up faster
+ 6A hits crouched opponent
+ 5C can jc even on block
+ chain revolver moves have increased speed
+ bloom trigger slides opponents hit on ground
- C haida bounces higher so higher dmg combos require more skill
- 5D slower than first loke test. Pauses a moment before coming out. Distance is longer
- Spring raid launches more horizontally. If not in corner cannot follow up
- no more long haida loops
- overall dmg decreased

+ pumpkin speed increased. can cross the screen in an instant. not sure on this.
+ tempest dahlia start up faster?, needs confirmation
+ 5C>C slide untechable time increased
- Initial wind recovery slow, but after a while it speeds up
- 6A weaker than it was in 1st loketest. back to CS standard?

+ 6B combos to 5B on crouching opponents (applies to all characters)
+ cat spirit 2 slides
- jB now hits mid instead of high like in 1st loketest. j2B no change.
- jD cannot cancel into cat spirit 2
- 6C slides, cannot pick up unless in corner. (but it seems 2C FC > 6C still wallbounces)
- if different jD aren't inputted Tao drops to the ground straight away
- jDs slightly changed, j2D now better against ground opponents but hard to combo with
- 6C slides, so almost becoming 2 combos are gone

voltic charge command now 214D
+ magnetism pull now stronger
+ 6A can now be held to pull in opponent
+ can gadget after 360A
+ sledge hammer much faster
+ 4D pulls more
- 5D only pulls opponent during active frames
- 5C cannot combo into 6A

- Arakune's D Bug now falls faster, less damage

no changes known
maybe tomorrow?

still under investigation
- ground dashes during furinkazan are shorter

+ anima has super armor. when hit will flash red
+ 3D forces downed opponents to rise. After ground throw 3C can be used to pick up and combo
+ 8D breaks 1 guard primer
- 8D can be blocked in air

renka is now 236B
5 primers (down from 6)
+ All C moves come out faster
+ Back throw recovery reduced, can follow up in corner
+ 6B damage increased.
+ 623A cancelable during movement.
- 3C > 3C doesn't combo anymore
- renka wall bounces. can follow up with 6C
- hotaru wall bounces. can follow up with 6C
- enma floats higher, harder to follow up
- tsubaki slides, can only follow up in the corner
- Slower magatama recovery.
- MUGEN: after gauge depletes, will not increase for at least 6 seconds.
- Yukikaze: will only show superflash after a successful counter. Gauge depletes on use either way. AH still has superflash. (Was this in the first loketest? Not sure.)

+ 4B faster start up, shorter recovery
+ Sickle might have faster start up, quicker recovery, hits 6 times
- gravity seed now stuns instead of floats. on CH seems to stun longer
- 4D moves her backwards, harder to combo.
- Throw can't combo into 6A, can followup with 2D.
- Calamity damage decreased.

+ j236A faster start up, can be used in combos now
+ 5D charges half a gauge in an instant, has fastest recovery of all Ds.
+ 236 -> 214 doesn't combo, but 236 -> 22 does.
- untechable slide time from her throw reduced, even in corner 6C and 214D cannot combo
- charging puts her in CH state

6A->Jayoku works (I don't even know why this is listed, maybe didn't work in loketest 1?)
Air throw can be followed up by Zaneiga (214D~C).
214D~C now makes the opponent spin in the air(?)
- 5B 3C 214D~C doesn't connect anymore
- 3C knocks opponent upwards
- cannot cancel throws into chain
- jC: no longer jump cancelable? (might be first hit only)


both characters exactly like the way they were in the 1st loketest.

Info on Platinum -

Platinum's attack names are from other Magical Girl Anime. Fast dash, long air dash, and a 3300 damage combo was found so far.

5B> 5C> Dolphin fake> 2B> 5B> Aerial> Hopping (5B>5C>イルカさんもどき>2B>5B>   リアル>ホッピング)

Surrey - Dream (214AorBorC)
From Sally the Witch

- Suwaromun (J236C)
From Sailor Moon

- Mamisakyura (236B)
From Magical Angel Creamy Mami

- Air Persia (236A (available in air)> add A, B, C (three times))
More Magical Fairy Persia
Stomp the opponent in the middle attack hopping
Changing the location of additional land, adding that such attack occurred in C earns in aerial damage-issue

- Dramatic Sammy (41236D)
From Magical Girl Pretty Sammy
Search frame to throw the opponent to catch the ground while the dash
Confined to the heart to blow out opponents. 1500 Damage
Side of the screen if possible pursuit?

- Mystique Momo (when equipped with weapons 214D)
From Minky Momo

Foreign Melody - (opponent down in the 22C)
From Onegai My Melody
Yet untested technology, so that there is virtually no technology to bring down the first platinum
Rush from the edge of the screen may be able to slide down?

Miracle Jeanne - (236236D)
From Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne
The staff are equipped with enhanced Mahou, Omg! Mahou Get Well (one-time use equipment and off)
Promo array

Kyuadottotaifun - (632146C)
More Pretty Cure

Renove translated the infos regarding Platinum that are listed here:

NOTE: Only translated any gameplay-related info

- Pressing the D button will randomly select one among 6 types of equipment/modes for her staff. After selecting, various techniques corresponding to the staff mode can be used (with certain restrictions).
- The following staff mode is notified at the bottom through the symbol next to the word NEXT
- At the beginning of the match she doesn't carry any staff with her (probably meaning that you have to press D to make it appear)
- Everytime you push D with the equipped staff the number of times you can use the associated technique will decrease until the staff disappears becoming unequipped.
- Pressing the D button again once the staff has disappeared will make it appear again with the next type of equipment.

The type of magic equipment are:
- Bomb (6 times)
- Neko (5 times)
- Bin (4 times)
- Hammer (3 times)
- Missiles (3 times)
- Frying Pan (4 times)

Character's Features:
- Good speed, good airdash
- Her airdash covers a lot of range, giving her the possibility of comfortably attacking in the air without falling easily on the ground
- Since her attacks with her staff don't have a long reach, her special projectile moves do the job of covering long range fighting instead.
- Since her special moves are controlled randomly, she is a character that heavily depends on the situation she's in (TLnote: I guess it's referring to what power she has equipped, position, situation etc)

Special Moves
- Dream Sally (214A/B/C)
- Swallow Moon (j.236C)
- Mami Circular (236B)
- Air Persia (236A - also executable in air) - followups A/B/C (up to three times) - tramples down the opponent from above with her pogo stick; the followups change the landing place, while the C followup is an aerial ender that earns more damage and okizeme.
- Dramatic Sammy (41236D) - command grab: searches for the opponent while ground-dashing; grabs and imprisons the opponent inside a "heart" and blows it off. 1500 Damage.
- Mystique Momo (214D, when weapons are equipped)
- Foreign Melody (22C on knocked down opponent); it might be possible to push the opponent towards the corner from the slide down

Distortion Drives
- Miracle Jeanne (236236D)- install super, the staff is equipped with "enhanched magic", can only be used once and when it wears off the staff is unequipped
- Cure Dot Typhoon (632146C)

Astral Heat
- 236236C (looks like Nanoha's Starlight Breaker)

There is also video footage containing gameplay of Platinum - The Trinity that can be found here:


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