About Counter=Hit

What is 'Counter=Hit'?

Counter=Hit is the Super Street Fighter IV (Plus other random games of my choosing) blog by the Welsh Vega player, Francys Pai. The aim of Counter=Hit was to bring thoughts and opinions about fighting games, their systems and strategies and updates into one neatly compiled place; As well as reviews on events ranging from tournaments to conventions such as Eurogamer.  

Why the name 'Counter=Hit'?

Originally, the blog was going to just be called 'Counterhit' or 'Counter-hit', but at the time  when creating the banner, my finger slipped and it hit the = sign. And thus it was changed to that.
The reason for it playing on the term 'Counterhit' is because it's the one thing I absolutely despise seeing the word flash up on my screen when playing SSFIV, or hearing the commentator screech "Counter!" to the neighbourhood in Blazblue.
There was nothing more to it than a simple dislike for it happening to me for this blog to be named it because it assured I would never forget it.


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