Saturday, 15 October 2011

An Update, but not an article...yet.

So, it's definitely been quite some time since I've posted.

The main reason is Capcom's inability to make a patch without announcing another two weeks later.
AE2012 is pretty much the reason I haven't continued. There is very little point in doing so until it's out.

So, give it about a week into AE 2012 and we should have something new, however I will be amending articles and am going to be posting the long awaited Frame trap article soon.

Hoping to be helping you guys again soon!

- Francys 'Illustrious Vega' Pai.


Anonymous said...


Orlando said...


.Francys Pai said...

Oh, Orlando found my blog hahah.

The anonymous can also fuck off. At the end of it, I've been doing something for the community and you're a no name twat :'D

Anonymous said...

How you getting on with the next article? Your previous ones were amazing to read!

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