Saturday, 25 December 2010

Dancing with the claw - For beginners; Part II

Moving on from the previous article, I thought I would cover some more points; including the use of his short flip, overhead and Cosmic Heel. These are merely basic overviews of each move as I consider option selects, corpse hops and other shenanigans as a little more advanced. However, in later articles they will be explained in further detail, so fear not.
But for now, on with the show!

KKK Flip
It goes without saying, that when used smartly that this version of his flips has a little bit of potential. Obviously, just like the PPP flip, you can use it to avoid fireballs, but I believe that this one is a little more catered to baiting.
Again, just like most bait tactics, use this sparingly and do not get predictable with it. It can be used to escape from minimal situations, but bear in mind the use of the word minimal here.
I tend to use it as a bait tool and nothing more (because I prefer fireball hopping [Which I will explain later] as opposed to flipping through projectiles).
Most people tend to use it in line with Vega's poke in that you instantly cancel into a KKK flip. This generally baits a fair bit of mashed reversals safely leading to larger punishment opportunities. I personally would go for this when you are out of meter (which you shouldn't be with Vega, but just in case), otherwise, just cancel the into an EX FBA.
You will end up far better off with an untechable knockdown and a nice 200 damage.

Df.HK (Cosmic Heel)
The Cosmic Heel; This is probably one of my favourite moves, as well as a lot of other people's (As brain dead as it can honestly get when it turns into your main BnB after a while).
This section of the article covers your basic followups on block and hit. In a later article I will begin to explain option selects and CH > ST quick stand followups. But until then;
There's a few things to note here when using it:
  • Use it at max-range (Unless obviously you're going for a very open punish on a whiffed/blocked attack.)On the tip, as of Arcade Edition, Vega is at +0 on block [-4 when used point blank]; At +0, This leaves him open to doing a backdash, throw, and in some instances a jump (be it neutral or directional). At +0, aka, Maximum Range, Vega is still safe; he cannot be jabbed, DP'd, Reversalled (Providing that you block) or thrown (Providing you tech, of course).
    As of -4, you have a very big problem. Vega can be thrown, reversalled and even put into a combo, so space this move at maximum range. Always.
  • If being used on a wake-up, make sure it is a meaty; and don't spam it like an idiot!
    This allows for time to block or tech, should they try to mash out a wake up reversal or throw. Essentially, you're giving yourself options, which is required to make this move work.
  • If your opponent likes to throw out a lot of low pokes.
    Cosmic Heel can be used as a punish tool as it hops over low normals. Again, use it very carefully and at a safe distance as Vega will be poked out on start up if used up close. (This also includes being DP'd and thrown).
On block, you can do a variety of things, you can stuff crouch techs quite happily with jb.HP should they try to throw tech. It is also recommended that should you go for a throw, that you try to kara (Kara throw is vital to Vega's game) as it will usually beat any attempt of throwing that your opponent tries (Just make sure this is on tip and not point blank).
A neutral jump will also avoid any attempts at a throw and you can retaliate with a neutral jump BnB (More on that later).
A backdash will also bait out a bit of mashing or some panic moves from your opponent, which will often lead to another Cosmic Heel, which will connect and lead to bigger damage and more setups. However be careful as some reversals will catch Vega's backdash, experiment in training mode to figure out your safest options (I'm not doing all the work for you).
You can backflip (Yes, I said before 'Don't flip'), but it must be Kick backflip. This will generally bait out an attack from reversal happy players which you can usually then punish with a Cosmic Heel that will land, leading to a followup.
Another option is of course...just block and react to it. Being at -4 is a serious problem, so if you should ever end up in this, prepare for a punish (and consider yourself lucky, if your opponent doesn't do a huge amount of damage.).
 However, at maximum range, and even anything within that, be prepared to tech a throw as is the common reaction of a blocked Cosmic Heel. Pay extra attention to how your opponent reacts to your own pressure; most will get wise and start to reversal you instead (IE, Shoryuken,  if they're a shoto) as it beats out any form of pressure that Vega has at the end of one, clean.

On hit, you also have options.
First and foremost, resets. Just don't bother with them; they aren't worth the attempted mind games after when you can set a solid few points of damage that can be done with followups.
To start with, the most common followup from a landed cosmic heel:
  • Cosmic Heel > H.Scarlet Terror (240 Damage, 300 Stun) [260 damage, 350 Stun on EX]
    This is generally considered your wisest option. It deals decent damage, great stun and puts you at some good spacing (You can followup with a safe jump, but you'll learn about those later).
  • Cosmic Heel > Slide (170 Damage, 300 Stun)
    Generally considered the least favourable of your options (aside a reset); While it gains you an untechable knockdown, the damage isn't fantastic. If you've hit them in a corner and fishing for Izuna Vortex, then maybe this could be viable to you. But the vortex is something to not be relied on anyway. So always always always try and go for a H.ST instead.
  • Cosmic Heel > EX FBA, Izuna Drop (230 Damage, 270 Stun) [202 Damage, 210 Stun on claw strike].
    Just like the slide followup, this is only good for fishing that untechable knockdown. There isn't a lot to say about it that aside from that, it isn't a great option and is nothing more than a waste of meter.

As for things that you shouldn't do with Cosmic Heel?
  •  Use it point blank
    If you endeavour to use Cosmic Heel point blank, you are placing yourself presently at -4 on block. If I haven't stressed this enough throughout the article and it needs to be said again; MAXIMUM. RANGE. ONLY.
  • Not mix up each blocked one with something different.
    If you go for the same option constantly, such as a throw, things could get messy quickly as you will begin to get very predictable. This then leaves you open to your opponent adapting to the situation and finding various options to punish you; and believe me, it's never fun.

  •  Constantly throw it out there and think you are safe.
    Quite simply put, you're not.

Overhead (Otherwise known as Piece of Mercury) [Df.MK]
Unlike its vanilla Street Fighter IV counterpart, this move is now an overhead. However I must encourage you to use this extremely sparingly and always at maximum range otherwise you're going to end up shooting yourself in the foot (I don't think I need to explain further than that inside maximum range and especially point blank, you are going to eat a fair bit of damage for this.) It is very very easy to punish as the block/hit stun isn't brilliant and neither is the start up or recovery.
It does however, go over low normals. So should you find yourself against a crouching low normal happy opponent, you could get away with one or two of these before they catch on.
I tend to find myself using this on opponents adamant on holding down-back until the cows come home. It can also catch some wake up back dash attempts (but, for the love of all things holy, do not try this over a wake up on someone with an invincible reversal).

There are followups to a piece of mercury, however, they generally involve corpse hopping off a knockdown; which is something I will be covering at a later article. But for now, it's best to block or if you can keep them pressured, you can sometimes throw (Of course bearing in mind that guessing wrong will get you into a heap of trouble) and assess your options. You are at 0 frame advantage upon block on tip and -4 on block at point blank, so there isn't a lot you can do with it.

For now, this is the end of Part 2 of Vega for beginners; Hope you enjoyed and hopefully learned something from reading this.

In the next article, I will be covering the following topics:
Getting out of a corner, Pokes to be aware of and Learning to walk before you jump.


Anonymous said...

You should explain frame data before you start talking about what is +1 on block and whatnot. I don't think most new people really know any framedata. Otherwise good tutorial on Vega, cool character but unfortunately a charge character :P

~ A Gen player

.Francys Pai said...

There's something at the start of the first article you know :P

Anonymous said...

whatever i dont care for vega anyway lol

.Francys Pai said...

I'm still giggling at the "shame about a charge character" part tbh. Since you kinda play Gen, which does involve a bit of charge usage.

MoshpitPetey said...

Maybe they're so awesome they don't need crane stance? o_O

Anonymous said...

You probably know nothing about gen, so im not even going to involve in a ridiculous discussion regarding Gen. He has 2 charge moves (which btw have longer charge time than any other, didnt know that I bet) but a decent gen would rarely engage in crane style (unless airborne or for AA), and thats all I will say on the matter.

Anonymous said...

kalso 'kinda play gen'

Played him since alpha 3, hardly qualifies as kinda.

.Francys Pai said...

The guy who also spoke mains Gen. So I think they'd also have a vague idea as opposed to "Nothing" at least.
I'm not trying to argue but you should be able to use Gen to his fullest, which does involve some manner of stance changes. You can't play a character to one style with every matchup.

You also look too much into the word "kinda" just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I am able to use both of his stances to the fullest, hell I usually do a combo that requires 3 stance changes. I just dont use crane as much because all of the normals are really bad (unless airborne) so there is no reason to engage in footsies while in crane. And no I dont like playing charge characters, I can do everything with C.viper in a match (sjc ultra, meterless fadc etc) but if you make me play with vega i cant even do into roll :|

.Francys Pai said...

Because, xx Roll is pointless :P

It's fair enough saying you don't like charge characters, just read it as not using charge at all in general. With Gen, when I alt'ed him in vanilla, I found myself using crane stance for roll pressure in corners, much like I do with Vega, since Gen's roll is actually better (Better hitstun and startup).

Anonymous said...

Saying any character's move of any kind is weak really doesn't show how much knowledge they have no matter what character they're talking about. Common sense shows you should know all the pros and cons of EVERY fighter to be an efficient player. That includes learning... yes... charge attacks.

.Francys Pai said...

At the end of it, the reason j.HK, st.MK xx Roll is pointless is because if you have landed a j.HK, you should be maximizing your damage. If you've landed j.HK, you can go for cl.HP xx H.Roll. While a little tougher to do, it deals more damage and more stun.

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