Friday, 12 November 2010

The Welsh/Bristol scene....This BIG one?!

An announcement of sorts.  Nick, the organizer of out ranbats here has made just a slight proposal and to be honest, I'm all for it should we be able to get the numbers and the decent venue. Iirc, V-Sync is a decent as hell venue, and I mean, decent. It's a LAN gaming centre, so already you do have a lot of consoles and tvs at your disposal.
However, the price of hiring it out for a tournament'd need at least 15 players JUST to cover the cost of rent :/ Which is why, I think, it's hard to get a solid 30 players each time for our ranbats because we have to charge to much to cover it before even thinking of a prize pot.

For the announcement:
"We've had a lot of success in the last few months as far as Wales and Bristol has been concerned in the fighting game scene. For years we've been in the shadows of the likes of Manc, London and Birm as the scene here never got time to development. Thanks to emJay we were able to push things forward and now we have a scene. Amongst our players we have some good talent and I feel we have the ability to push it to the next level.

We've had SvB, VSFighting etc so is it time we put into motion a massive event on our front? I'm not talking soon, next year perhaps. It would be good to pull other figherts from around the UK to Wales to test their metal.

I think, if we could get this off the ground, it would be brilliant. Having such a large-scale tournament so close to home is always a good thing. Even if it got to just the scale of VSfighting, that would be huge enough considering our local scene as it is. Though the question would be "What games?"
By default because of the already established scenes in each of these games, these are probably some of your best bets;
+ Super Street Fighter IV
+ SF III: Third Strike
+ Tekken 6
+ Blazblue: Continuum Shift.

Whether we add games like Melty Blood or Guilty Gear, hell, we'll probably have MvC3 by the time we do this since it's not too far off now, remains to be seen. I personally hope for SSFIV, 3s, BBCS and MvC3.

I think though, a look at the "So you want to organize a tournament." articles is needeed before any of this lifts off the ground, yup yup!


Meep said...

That sounds awesome. I hope the scene does pick up. I wish it the best of luck! Just don't forget: Never give up, and take each loss as an opportunity to learn!
A defeat learned from is more important than an empty victory.
Every moment gives us a chance to become more than what we are.
and blah blah, all those other annoying things Ryu says. XD

There's a 3S tournament here for me next thursday. Wish meh luuuck! <3

Wuvs you ^^

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