Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Vega's (Claw) arcade edition changes...or...

...Why people need to stop whining about them!

Since the announcement of Arcade Edition, and along with it, a loketest with some "Omg Vega has been chaaaanged!"  Things on the Vega boards over at SRK have started to take quite a pissy little turn and I can now see why Alexlkd decided to leave. Granted, If you've ever been to the Bison side, you'll have seen bitching, with the Vega boards, it's quite the same sad story.
Now, no disrespect to the members there, there are plenty who keep their cool and will have a levelheaded respect for one another's opinions. That is something I can appreciate.
What I don't appreciate is "Wah wah wah, Cosmic heel got nerfed and his damage sucks anyway so HE NEEDS A CROSSUP!"
Really? Do we REALLY think Vega needs a crossup?  Do we REALLY think his damage is that miniscule?
Why are you whining? You chose a character to play knowing full-well that he has an uphill battle, hell in vanilla, almost every fight was uphill. This was partly due to glitching and mostly to do with hitbox problems. But my point is, you dealt with Vega in his absolutely horribad state then, why is this tiny nerf such a problem for you now?

Okay, the argument I've had thrown here is that Vega loses a lot of mixup options. True enough, he loses the option to have a df.HK blocked and then go in for a throw, a sneaky ST once you've conditioned your opponent into throwing, or neutral jump shenanigans.
However, why should this be a problem? You should be spacing yourself correctly anyway to land infront of the opponent, not sitting in their blockstun and hoping they don't mash out a reversal when you go for that mixup, or you should even be hitting them in the face to nab a free scarlet terror...which wait, leads to your corpsehop shenanigans.
My point is, his corpsehops are unaffected, as it is only "ON BLOCK!" So spacing will now be more essential. And if you haven't spent a lot of time determining your spacing as a Vega player, why do you think you have the stones to complain? It's fundamental that you learn how to space exactly, otherwise you're eating damage from his unsafe moveset.

Now, enough about cosmic heel. The one thing that has really gotten on my nerves lately is the "Vega needs a crossup." Excuse.  Before I start, think to yourself; Does Vega REALLY need such a move when it quite simply, does not fit his style.
Let's start off on a little damage comparison shall we?
Crossup MK, c.lk, c.lk, c.lk xx L.Scissors.  For M.Bison. This does around 200 damage at the most? Give or take?, and is a standard BnB for him.
Now say...you went for Crossup mk, c.mp, c.mk xx EX SK.  It actually doesn't do much more. And this is with the inclusion of an EX attack.
Now Vega on the otherhand, let's take his j.HP, against certain characters on certain spacing, it can crossup. If this were a consistent crossup on all of the cast, with a bar of meter, you are already looking at;
j.HP, cl.HP, cr.MP xx EX FBA...a solid 381 damage and that, just like Bison, is a standard part of his BnB game.
Now when you look at that number...it's a bit scary, isn't it? That is almost super level damage.
It's at this point, I start getting irked by people who say "Vega does no damage wah wah."
Now hop into training mode, stick your attack data on and rinse some bnbs with not just Vega, but a few characters and look at how he would be with a crossup, does this really fit his style or even yours?
If it does, fair play to you, but you'd probably be better off switching to a character with crossup options. If you're content with him not having one, then keep him. Vega isn't as weak as people say and to be honest, I'm quite sick of people saying that he is.

At the end of it, I personally do not see a use for a crossup. In HF he had one, which led into what I've seen called the "Touch of death" combo. If you want something that stupid being in a game, go and play Blazblue and learn how to loop with a character. You'll soon start seeing just how UN-FUN it is.


A wild Rizhall has appeared! said...

They want to be able to do 380+ damage with one meter of damage ON A FAST CROSSUP, and then they want it to lead into the touch of death. And then they want invincibility on ALL versions of Scarlet Terror,
And while we're at it, why don't we make ALL versions of walldive, not just ex, hit on the way up? And then give the ex invincibility to make it useful.
His super shouldn't need to track the enemy. Upon activation, it should AUTOMATICALLY grab the enemy, WHEREVER he is. Also, Izuna drop should do 200 damage flat, since Guy's is the same. Oh, and since walldive is currently punishable, they should make it so that you can cancel it with kick, like in HDR, so that you can make it safe, just to be fair.

Without ALL of these changes, Vega is unusable and has no chance in high level play. Because FUCK Tatsu and Makoto.

The Q said...

People are going to gripe about anything, that's something I've learned since actively getting into the SF community, honestly. No matter what you do there's gonna be people who hate it or don't like it. That's life, actually. lol.

.Francys Pai said...

Rizhall: Yup, why not. And while we're at it, shall we give him a loop? Tighter than the izuna vortex? so that it's actually inescapable?

Q: Yeah, you're right there. Just really pisses me off when people whine THIS MUCH about Vega's changes. If Hakan or Makoto or even Gen take nerfs, THEY have the right to bitch there because that's just not cool.
Not saying I'm going "YES, HIT VEGA WITH THE NERF BAT!" but people are taking it completely the wrong way.
Someone just went "NO MORE CH AGAINST GIEF!!" Why would you throw it out on block vs Gief anyway? KEEP HIM OUT FFS!

The Q said...

I agree, I hate it that people are griping about Sagat's changes in AE. I'm like, really? If he really does get the uppercut damage back WITH angry scar, no need to complain. I don't think he's getting his tiger knee traps back, so it's being leveled out. lolz.

Riizu Riizu~ said...

Inescapable is okay. But I say 100% unavoidable. That sounds fair <3

Also, the 0's in this text box have dots... THEY LOOK LIKE EYES! XD
( 0_0)/

Anonymous said...

Vega can take damage nerfs....
But He needs a good AA option... you guys who dont play vega can say ppl whine and cry all the time but you are quite fine and dandy to just jump on vega continually and stuff his attacks.... a tactic that is an exploit and requires absolutlely no skill. you can beat vega by playing like how noobs used to play Mortal Kombat II back in the day.
Nerf vega damage all u like. all vega needs is a slightly better AA type lk scarlet terror and a buff on the EX version

.Francys Pai said...

"You guys who don't play Vega can say people whine and cry."

Did you find this blog and not read the rest of it?


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