Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Vega [Claw] Changes.

While I initially thought I was more than likely going to have heart failure and die the day we got Vega's [Claw] arcade edition changes; it turned out being quite the opposite.
Once again, I'll go through the list, just as I did Hazama and you can bitch/whine etc about how wrong I am later. We good? Good.

Changes to Normals
+ cr.MK start up is now 6 frames (2 frames faster) 
This, I think this is a very decent buff for Vega. It's now a much better footsie tool and I can see it being used more for spacing that before due to how fast it is.
There isn't really a lot to say on it aside from "This is a pretty awesome buff."

- Less damage on cr.MP and cr.MK 
Damage nerfs are always beyond sucky. While we don't have numbers yet, it seems, it might not really be anything major. Though I might just have to go and hurt someone/something if it's a stupidly high nerf.
I imagine the cr.MP nerf came about from the constant whining of people who can't get around the scrubby online Vega's that do nothing but all day.  Meh, Not their fault, you're dumb. Not much of a need to nerf it.

Changes to Unique Attacks
- More recovery for Cosmic Heel [df.HK] on block
Not very happy with this. However if it's ONLY on block, it's not as bad as you'd think initially looking at it. It means you still have your corpsehop knockdown shenanigans so at least it isn't completely useless. From what I've read, it's only 1F more.  So with correct spacing, it will still work, just means you can't be df.HK happy all the time (Not that you should be, anyway!)

Changes to Specials
+ Less recovery on EX roll
This is kinda meh-ish when looked at just at a glance (who the hell uses an EX roll?) Plus it's extra meter and goes completely against Vega using and abusing his meter for BnBs that involve EX FBA. However, taken into perspective and with the buff'll see it's a decent change.

+ You can now combo cr.MP from EX roll
Now this. this is good. This means j.HP, cl.HP xx EX RCF, cMP xx EX FBA may be possible. 
However will this equal Big damage or highly scaled? Being the cynic and pessimist that I can be, I would firmly believe the latter, but we'll have to wait and test these out when they arrive on our doorstep.

Ultra Changes
- U2 has slightly more startup.
I'm a bit so-so on this. It could be a buff (If you factor in the PAIN IN THE ASS timing that it requires for Vega to slide under projectiles with it, it might make it a little easier to judge.) OR it could be a nerf because slower startup is never ever ever a good sign.
Eitherway, I'm far from bothered about this change because under any circumstances, I live by the term of "Never rely on your ultra to win you matches.".

Other Changes
+ Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.
At first you're going to look at this and go "omfg no." But look at it again and THINK.
This means, you cannot be thrown until 3 frames into recover (previously, it was earlier) and it means you also cannot be OS teched by your opponent and if tagged, will be reset instead of eating a full combo.
Sounds better now doesn't it?

All in all, aside the Cosmic Heel change, I'm quite content with this list.


Lo-hoo-hoo-ser (Riz XD) said...

Rugal and I have concluded that cr.MP damage will now HEAL the enemy, instead of hurting them. It's the only logical step!

.Francys Pai said...

ROFL.That is honestly something I would expect from Capcom. I think everyone at Capcom just hates Vega =(

Skullywubs said...

As for the reason you stated the cr.MP damage nerf... I don't think that's the case, considering it's Capcom Japan who's doing the patching, and japanese players tend to not complain like idiots, and the internet in Japan is MUCH better. Virtually no lag.

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