Monday, 18 October 2010

Welsh Coast Warzone IV - Tournament Report!

Welsh coast Warzone IV - Super Street Fighter IV teams.

Well, with this weekend over with, I give you a report for Welsh Coast Warzone IV, unfortunately without photos this time ¬¬.
It was nice seeing friends again, having the chance to laugh it up with my buddies Callum (Ravage C) and Michael (SnowSRK), along with a friend of mine who is still learning Vega.

Now,  for the actual report itself.  Unfortunately, due to some late arrivals, the tournament started late. Just to warn you all now, my team didn't make it ;)

The format itself, while organized, was a little bothering.
In teams tournaments, you will usually still have 2/3 rounds for 2/3 matches.  This, was 2/3 rounds for 1 match.  You lose that one match, you're gone to losers, or in losers case, you're out.
It reminded me a lot of Team Battle online, which, for a tournament offline, isn't the best format to have in my opinion.
But, it was up to the organizers, and other people seemed happy with it. Maybe it will change, maybe it won't.

Third strike was played in the same manner and I unfortunately had to forfeit my second match as I had to leave; but, there's always next time!

In casuals, I finally got to play against Callum (Ravage C) at Blazblue. Since we last played, I could tell he had practiced, a lot.  He made me realise that Tager can make combos hurt a lot more than I initially thought, especially when I'm playing such a noobish Hazama!

Now, what really impressed me was a player who had come up from London who goes by the name of "Natty." This, is one absolutely stunning Abel player and his team took it (which to some, was unsurprising).

The Results of the tournament are as follows:

SSF4 2v2 Tournament
1st. Team NattyJay (Natty and Jay)
2nd. Team Chinese Fight Money (Brillojoe and Toge)
3rd. Team Ravage Snow Globe (Ravage C and Snowman)

3s Singles
1st. True Might (Hugo)
2nd. Banoffee (Ryu)
3rd. Circle Jerkle (Q)

SSFIV 2v2 Finals: Natty (AB) vs Brillojoe (BA)

SF3: 3s Singles - Finals: True Might (HUGO) vs Banoffee (RYU/URIEN)


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